Embracing Impermanence

Jim Ewel

In every environment, there are moments that are unlikely to come around again. Whether it is a boy’s amazement at a flower that seems to be growing on a tide-scoured beach or the precise conditions of fog and light that make a familiar scene surreal or the conjunction of light, landscape, and people that suggests something or someone coming down from the heavens, these moments, often fleeting are there to be photographed. They are moments of impermanence that I seek to capture with my lens.

I have been coming down to the North Central coast of Oregon for over 12 years. I regularly walk six different beaches on a 20-mile stretch of the Oregon coast: Manzanita, Short Sand, Hug Point, Arcadia Beach, Cannon Beach, and Ecola State Park. I walk them at all times of day, in all seasons. And rather than photograph them just for the spectacular scenery, I try to find moments that are unique and won’t return. 

For this project I’ll focus on how embracing impermanence, with a little mystery and magic, can produce infinite inspiration, even when returning to a small number of the same physical places year after year.

I also hope to raise awareness of the importance of places like these, which is why I’ll be matching every dollar raised which will then be donated to the North Coast Land Conservancy.