Grandparents: Harmony and Nature

Eduardo Ortiz

In the vast landscapes of Chile, this project aims to explore and document the intrinsic connection between elders and elements of nature, the latter of which are affectionately referred to as “grandparents” in the local folk culture.

Through a journey across the various regions of Chile, from the high peaks of the Andean mountain range to the thick and cold forests and the endless beaches of the Pacific, this project aims to capture the essence of this unique relationship in images. It’s more than just a photography project; it’s an immersive journey leading us to better understand this relationship, weaving stories of wisdom, time, and memory. Simultaneously, it is a personal quest, paving the way to connect with and comprehend my own convoluted family history. It will help me to forge a stronger bond with those remaining—those who witnessed my growth and continue to support me.

The Value of This Project

Vastness, harshness, sun, dryness, wisdom, and harmony find their reflections in the weathered faces of our grandparents. The bark of trees, having witnessed centuries past, mirror the cracks in hands aged by time. This project serves as a visual testament to the fundamental connection between humanity and nature. 

By supporting this project, you are not only endorsing a venture dedicated to capturing moments; you are also joining an initiative that gives a voice to both grandparents and our earth. This relationship and narrative are worthy of sharing, particularly in a world that critically needs to prioritize the preservation of nature. By fostering and spreading this connection, we may play a part in safeguarding nature with the same care and dedication that we should extend to our grandparents.