Hawre Khalid (born in 1987) is a Kurdish Iraqi photographer from Kirkuk. After graduating in Journalism at Sulaymaniyah University in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in 2007, and after living for several years in The Netherlands, Khalid moved back to his country where he began his career as a photojournalist. 


He has been covering every aspect of the on going conflict in Iraq: from the front lines to the living conditions of the internally displaced people, passing through daily life in the disputed city of Kirkuk, his hometown. 


He is one of the photographers who worked on the project Map of Displacement, for which he shot two stories.


His work has been exhibited both in Iraq and in Europe and it's included in the Over My Eyes exhibition, the first ever all Iraqi documentary photography exhibition in Europe. Khalid also regularly works with some of the most respected media outlets in the world, including The New York Times, TIME magazine, De Volkskrant, Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel, The Sunday Times,  among others.



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