Denise Pensky

There is something about a camera that helps me stop and see…

With camera in hand, I make portraits, memorialize special times for families, make images of fashion and beauty, and document life on the street. Inspired by Elliot Erwitt, a master at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, my goal is to capture life’s quirky moments with humor through perspective and juxtaposition. Most important, the camera gives me a way to create visual stories of what I see and who I meet during what has become an amazing photo journey.

Recognition: Finalist in the Women Street Photographer India exhibit in 2022 and its virtual exhibit in 2023. I have created one zine, titled “Through the looking glass … A peek into an old lady’s perspective on the divisive politics in America [2021],” and collaborated on the zine titled "Delta Blues ...Clarksdale 2022 Juke Joint Festival."  My image, "Flying High" is featured in the September 2023 issue of GEO Magazine.



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