Eduardo Ortiz Member Pro The Raw Society

Born in 1990 in Los Angeles, Chile. While his early years were spent in San Antonio, it was in Valparaiso where his artistic talents truly blossomed. Following the completion of his classical guitar studies, he embarked on a global journey to broaden his horizons. Since 2016, he has fully embraced a nomadic lifestyle, all the while building a robust culinary portfolio and nurturing a profound passion for the Art of Photography.


Throughout his odyssey, he immersed himself in the art of street photography across South America, Europe, and Asia. From the vibrant streets of South American cities to the bustling markets of Asian metropolises, his aim is to capture the essence of each region's unique culture and character through his lens. His photography serves as a testament to the belief that beauty can be discovered in every corner of the world.

He extends his passion for photography to his YouTube channel, where he warmly welcomes viewers into his world of imagery. On this platform, he generously shares his photography techniques, offering practical tips and tricks he's gathered during his adventures across the globe. 


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