Eric Flood, Pro Member at The Raw Society

Eric was born in rural North Carolina. Though Eric studied design alongside development economics, he did not pick up a camera until 2021. He is interested in documentary photography, exploring social issues and other cultures through language, religion, and daily practices and rituals.


Eric firmly believes in the power of story-telling and the idea that every person and place has a unique narrative to uncover. In his experience, photography is a way to move through and shape the world, co-creating narrative outputs with those in the images. However, Eric's photos are unstaged and raw, with a sense of closeness to subjects.


When Eric is not making photographs, he works as a management consultant in New York City, focusing on food and agriculture with a passion for economic development work. He has managed to travel quite a bit for someone from the backwoods of North Carolina and is experienced in working across cultures and getting into and out of tight spots.



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