Sandra Hernandez

Sandra Hernández is a Mexican-Canadian photographer and a Fujifilm ambassador based in Querétaro, Mexico. With a prolific career in architecture, Sandra’s photography focuses on urban life, such as human’s relationship to the environment and the narratives that arise between them as well as daily moments in the streets. 


Her passion for these themes has fueled accomplishments such as creating the first book focusing on street photography in Mexico’s history, “Antología de fotografía de calle mexicana.” She’s also founder and general director of Urban Observers: a platform dedicated to spreading and promoting Ibero-American street photography. 


Sandra’s work, both photographs and text, has been published and featured locally and internationally in outlets such as Forbes México, La Vanguardia, Radio UNAM, UP Photographers, Revista Gatopardo, France’s TV78, Street Sweeper Magazine, and Revue Épic. She’s also participated in various solo and group exhibitions on four continents and has received awards and honorable mentions in global photography competitions. Since 2017, Sandra has been the official photographer for Mexico’s annual La Carrera Panamericana race.