Long-form projects & personal voice

“The photographer that you will be in the future is already in your pictures.” – José Manuel Navia

This mentorship program is designed to delve deeply into your photographic process and to help you emerge as the best author you can be.

During the sessions, we will discuss techniques, approaches to scenes and storytelling, as well as study the impact of technical choices such as focal length or the differences between black and white and color photography, among others. We’ll also explore how these elements can give different meanings to your practice at the stage you are in with your photography.

My mentoriship program is ideal for photographers who are embarking on or in the midst of a project, as well as photographers who don’t necessarily have a project, but want to work on their photographic style or what I like to call what makes you, you. YouTube

Depending on your objectives we'll work on one of two pillars:

1-Developing a Project

Concept and possibilities.

Planning and structure of the project.

Case studies and examples.

Beyond composition, lighting, and moment.

Regular editing sessions during the process.

2-Authorship (Finding What Makes You, You)

The importance of technique and how to use it on your own terms.

Regular assignments and exercises.

Regular editing sessions during the process.

Applying your voice to a project.

Getting your visual voice ‘out there’


6 Months: 2 one-hour sessions per month

12 Months: 1 one-hour session per month

A personal calendar will be created for you in which you’ll be able to select the times and days that best suit you.


Members: 1,350€

Non-members: 1,500€

Jorge Delgado-Ureña

Jorge Delgado-Ureña

Renowned Spanish photographer, mentor and co-founder of The Raw Society, Jorge Delgado-Ureña has been guiding photographers and teaching workshops all over the world since 2016 and hosts an educational YouTube Channel under The Raw Society brand.

Jorge has over 15 years of experience in photography and an innate ability for teaching. He’s been published in several local and international magazines, including National Geographic, Ijsberg Magazine, La Vanguardia, Publico, Fisheye Magazine to name a few. His photographs have also been exhibited in El Colegio de Periodistas and Lomography Embassy in Barcelona, Lensculture Berlin 2017, The Independent Photographer Berlin 2018. In July 2024 he will be inaugurating his biggest exhibition to date: a retrospective of his work over the course of 8 years.

Delgado has also been featured in podcasts like The Candid Frame, The Visual Storytelling Podcast and Right Eye Dominant, amongst others, and has published a number of books and magazines of his work.


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