Writing & Literary Narratives

Literature and photography, the verbal and the visual, words and light… they were destined to be together.

This mentorship program is designed to help you master your writing skills; something that is fundamental for all photographers that want to pitch a story, apply for grants and competitions or expand on the nuances of their body of work, imbuing it with the sophistication of different readings in order to guide their audience even further into their stories.

As each storyteller’s needs are different, I have created two different mentorship options that will be further adapted according to the needs and objectives of the photographer. 


Visual Storytelling Crash Course

Learn how to use literary writing theory and 1-on-1 reviews to develop your photography projects with evocative writing.

Personalized time with Kayla to focus on fusing writing and photography into a visual, literary narrative.

Come away with a better understanding of the process of creating a visual story and how you can apply it to projects big or small, for publishing or for personal keepsakes.


6 Months: 3 lessons and 3 reviews (one-hour sessions)


Members: 675€

Non-members: 750€


Project Edit

An intensive edit for a project you are starting or already working on.

Kayla will help lead you through your project to maximize its value and impact.

Come away with a completed Zine, book, award submission, Substack, etc., for personal or public audience, that is in your own words but vetted by a professional editor.


3 weeks up to 4 months ( based on project needs and deadlines): 1 pre-edit consult via Zoom, 1 edit via Google Docs, 1 edit review via Zoom/Google Docs, 1 finalizing edit via Google Docs (includes discussion/commenting).


Members: 450€

Non-members: 500€

For both mentorship options: a personal calendar will be created for you in which you’ll be able to select the times and days that best suit you.

Picture of Kayla Green

Kayla Green

Kayla Green, writer and copy editor-in-chief for The Raw Society Magazine, has worked in the trenches of local journalism since 2009. After earning her bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida, she worked her way up from reporter to her current role as executive editor for a group of newspapers.

She is part of a three-person leadership team that turns failing family-owned newspapers into profitable business models through advertising and newsroom makeovers, transforming traditionally print-only outlets into full-fledged multimedia companies. She currently serves in that role for two properties, The Sumter Item in Sumter, South Carolina, and Gulf Coast Media, in Baldwin County, Alabama, that publish a total of five newspapers.

She has been awarded on the state and national level for her writing and newsroom leadership, including Editor & Publisher's 25 Under 35 Next Gen of News Professionals and reporting on topics ranging from art and entertainment to heroin addiction and child trafficking.


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