by Denise Pensky, Eileen Busby, Jacqui Shepherd & Pamela Fricke

Hidden in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and surrounded by endless fiends of cotton, Clarksdale, Mississippi might not stand out at first. However, anyone who is blue-savvy will probably know that this sleepy town is in fact the birthplace of the blues and was home to legends such as Muddy Waters and Sam Cooke. It’s a place of Juke Joints and huge talent (and not only in music), welcoming people and an atmosphere that perhaps can’t be found anywhere else.

Delta Blues is a collaborative project that visually documents the Juke Joint Festival that takes place in Clarksdale, Mississippi every year, as well as some of the stars of the event, including musicians Big A and Lala Craig, Baking Virtuoso Sweet-Tooth Teddy and Robin Colonas, owner of the historical ‘New Roxy’.

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  • 100 pages
  • US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
  • Premium Magazine Quality


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