On May 31, 2013, hundreds of thousands of Turks flooded Istanbul’s Taksim Square to defend the soon to be demolished Gezi Park while taking a stance against police brutality and ongoing political turmoil. Little that they knew, they were on the road to transforming Turkey’s political and social landscape. Gezi Park protests represented a turning point in my home country, and it was a natural desire on my part to witness and document this momentous event. I leave this hardcover photo book as a legacy of resistance not only for younger Turks, but also for everyone who could use some strength and hope amidst the chaotic times in which we live.


Book Details

  • 27 x 31 cm
  • 156 pages (110 B/W photos)
  • English, Turkish
  • Hardcover folded jacket


Price: 39€ + shipping

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