A Workshop for Writers
& Photographers
Kathmandu, Nepal 29 February – 9 March 2024

Literature and photography, the verbal and the visual, words and light...they were destined to be together. 


Writers have been integrating photographs into their work for as long as photographs have existed, producing rich, multilayered creations; and photographers have always made images that incorporate, respond to, or function as writing. When the two come together with the unified intention of telling a story, some truly amazing things emerge.


For this truly unique workshop we invite photographers and writers to join us in Kathmandu, Nepal, one of the most fascinating places in the world, where they will be paired up and work together in creating a reportage of their choosing. Whether its to tell the story of the only living Godesses in the world, or to shine light on unique relationship between Budhism and Hinduism, or perhaps explore the 142 ethnic groups and castes that share this relatively small country... The possibilities are endless and themost challenging thing will be to choose just one.


Writers will be mentored by the immensely talented Kayla Green, whilst photographers will receive guidance from resident mentor and co-founder Jorge Delgado-Ureña, both of whom will be working with each pair to develop their stories.



Kayla Green

Kayla Green has worked in the trenches of local journalism for 14 years. She earned her journalism degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, where she was born and raised. Starting as a reporter, she has worked her way up to her current role as executive editor. She is part of a three-person leadership team that has turned failing family-owned newspapers into profitable business models through advertising and newsroom makeovers, transforming traditionally print-only outlets into full-fledged multimedia companies. She currently serves in that role for two properties, The Sumter Item in Sumter, South Carolina, and Gulf Coast Media, in Baldwin County, Alabama, that publish a total of five newspapers nine times a week.
She has been awarded on the state and national level for her writing and newsroom leadership, including Editor & Publisher’s 25 Under 35 Next Gen of News Professionals and reporting on topics ranging from art and entertainment to heroin addiction and child trafficking. A writer at heart, she finds fulfillment in working with rising journalists to hone their writing and reporting skills, helping them identify their strengths and use them to be the best versions of their individuality.
Kayla is a writer and the copy editor-in-chief for The Raw Society Magazine. She and her photojournalist husband, Micah Green, a Raw Society Pro Member, live in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Jorge Delgado-Ureña

Renowned Spanish photographer, resident mentor and co-founder of The Raw Society, Jorge Delgado-Ureña has taught dozens of photography workshops all over the world.Jorge has over 15 years of experience in photography and an innate ability for teaching. He’s been published in several local and international magazines, including National Geographic, Ijsberg Magazine, La Vanguardia, Publico, Fisheye Magazine to name a few. His photographs have also been exhibited in El Colegio de Periodistas and Lomography Embassy in Barcelona, Lensculture Berlin 2017, The Independent Photographer Berlin 2018 and he is currently working on the publication of two books of his photography from Cuba and Morocco.

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reportage workshop
reportage workshop
reportage workshop
reportage workshop

As the objective of this workshop is to create a photo reportage in collaboration with the writer that you are paired up with. All participants are expected to fully immerse themselves, push their boundaries and rise up to the challenges given. 

The workshop will cover the following: 

What is a visual story

There are many interesting stories but not all of them are equally photogenic. We will find out how to approach a story and make it as visually powerful possible.

Finding your personal style

Having a personal style is not an easy endeavour but it is key, often more related to distances to subject and intellectual interests than other influences, we will discuss and review past sets of pictures and will work on location to recognise it.

Developing a visual language for a Story.

It’s important to find the right tools to communicate a story properly, from the choosing of Monochrome or colour to how to mantain a personal voice ans style in the process.

What to look for and techniques for a well rounded narrative

There are parts of the process of developing a story that don’t follow any rule but there are others that are absolutely necessary to have a cohesive body of work that will be understandable for the audience.

Working in tandem with a writer

Collaborating with a writer is one of the most beautiful and powerful ways of developing a meaningful body of work. It’s a great opportunity to elevate each others work and create impactful stories but at the same time is challenging. 

Revision and constructive criticism 

Both in group and individually through out the workshop.


As the objective of this workshop is to create a written piece in collaboration with the photographer that you are paired up with. All participants are expected to fully immerse themselves, push their boundaries and rise up to the challenges given. 

What is literary non-fiction writing?

A good story opens your mind and teaches you something about the world you didn’t know before. A great story makes you feel. We will discover how you can incorporate journalism techniques and literary tools to elevate your storytelling.

Finding your voice

Are there writers or other artists who when you consume their work just know it’s theirs? We will explore the concepts of voice and tone and how you can develop your own.

Working with a photographer

There is so much more to the process of creating an impactful story than what you gather on scene. Learn how to harness the power of collaboration before, during and after you interact with subjects and sources.

The power of observation and active listening

It is important to enter a project with an open mind for seeing and listening. We will practice both and learn how to incorporate them into your work and partnership.

Revision and construction criticism

Learn how to edit your own work and how to go through the revision process with your photography partner. Both in the group and individually throughout the workshop.


29 February - 9 March 2024


Kathmandu, Nepal


Kathmandu Airport (pick-up & drop-off included in fees)


3-4 Photographers

3-4 Writers


Single occupancy: 3,700€/person


*Members receive a 10% discount on the above prices. E-mail us before booking to get your discount code.


Please choose whether you will be joining us as a writer or as photographer, YOU CAN ONLY ATTEND AS ONE OR THE OTHER, NOT BOTH, and whether you want to pay the whole sum now or just the deposit to make sure you secure your spot.


NOTE: If you choose to pay just the deposit, the remaining balance is due 30 days before the workshop begins.



Not Included


Send us an email below or at


We reserve the right to improvise (always with the objective to improve your overall experience), and change the itinerary due to adverse weather conditions or complications that may arise that are out of our control. Fun and safety are our number one priority.

We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the minimum number of participants is not met (which quite frankly, is highly unlikely. Who wouldn’t want to have this experience of a lifetime!?).

Please do not purchase air travel before confirming with us. We wouldn’t want you roaming around unguided.


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