"The bookmaking workshop was an amazing opportunity for me as a photographer to create something have never done it before. It's very important to find as many ways as possible to share your stories through your photographs and bookmaking is one of the very important way. The Raw Society didn't only taught me bookmaking but also introduced to my new family who I can rely on anytime."

Hawre K. Iraqi Kurdistan. Editing & Bookmaking Workshop

"Every time I have completed a workshop with the Raw Society (and I have done a good few), I am so happy with my progress & with the overall experience that I am only left with two feelings: gratitude and eagerness to do the next workshop!"

Ivana P. Paris, France. Editing & Bookmaking Workshop 2024

"Attending this workshop with The RAW Society was a challenging experience, both in photography and writing. From the outset, the workshop's structure seamlessly blended photography with writing, offering a multi-dimensional approach to creative expression. Jorge, Christelle, and Kayla were not only knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about fostering growth in each participant. Through interactive sessions and insightful discussions, I gained valuable insights and practical techniques for honing my photography and writing skills. Overall, The RAW Society's workshop was an invaluable opportunity to merge artistry with personal growth, leaving participants inspired and empowered to capture the world through their lens."

Stephanie D. Austin, USA. Morocco Photography & Writing Workshop 2024

“The March 24 workshop to Morocco, visiting both Marrakesh and Essaouira, was perfect. I really felt in my element in those two locations, with excellent mentoring, a fun group and some great opportunities to combine and improve my photography and writing skills. Everything was very well organised and so there was nothing for us to worry about. The combination of a writing and photography workshop was an excellent idea that has given me the confidence consider doing a post workshop zine.”

Jacqui S. Clitheroe, UK. Morocco Photography & Writing Workshop 2024


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