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About The Raw Society Magazine

The Raw Society Magazine is a non-profit project dedicated to sharing compelling and important work by our pro members and the greater storytelling community. Touching on themes as varied as social issues, politics, culture, travel and history, what unifies this magazine is its strong focus on the photographic medium and the often personal tone the stories take on. 

Born out of the conviction that there are an infinite amount of stories to be told and that you, dear reader, should have a say in what is paraded before your eyes, The Adopt a Story program not only helps us pay our storytellers, but also gives you a say in which stories are featured in our magazine.

Adopt a Story – How it Works: Every year a number of story proposals are posted on our website, each of which includes a detailed description of the project, why the photographer has chosen to pursue it and what it will cost to produce. By donating towards (or what we call ‘adopting’) a story, you become a part of the selection process for the following issue. Donations can cover a part of or the entire project and the stories that reach their funding objectives get featured.

100% of the donations go to our storytellers and are tax-deductible for U.S. residents.

Issue II: Available now!

Issue II  was made possible thanks to the Adopt a Story program and the donations of several very generous patrons.

It features American Sketches by Ed Kashi Julie WinokurThere is Life on Mars by Jorge Delgado-UreñaOpen Doors by Sandra HernándezA Way into Mexico by Jim Ewel, Beyond Broadway by Hunter HartCo-Addict by Christelle Enquist, Walls that Breathe by Tamer Tamar,  Hometown Prom by Pam FrickeI Daydream in the Memories of My Youth by Stephanie Duprie RouthThe State of (American) Journalism by Micah & Kayla Green, Colorism by Lisa Winner Silvesterklausen: An Old New Year’s Tradition by Sabina Diethelm, and Street Vets by Thomas Machowicz.

Also included in the magazine is an interview with the incredible Nick Brandt and opening notes by Ibarionex Perello.

306 pages (100 more than the last edition!) of incredible stories for your viewing pleasure!

Story Proposals Issue III:

Fundraising of stories for Issue III has ended. 9 storytellers reached their minimum objective and will be featured in the next Issue. Thank you to everyone who showed their love by donating towards their stories.  

Still want to be a part of this amazing, collaborative journey?

You can donate to the general fund and support the design, editing and printing of Issue III:

Issue I:

Issue I features Remote Territories by World Press Photo of the Year Award Winner Samuel Aranda, as well as: In the Shadows of Cuba by Stephanie Duprie RouthEuphoria and Catharsis – Documenting a 700-year-old Tradition in Menorca by Christelle EnquistJorge Delgado-UreñaOn the American South by Micah Green, Turkey’s Brain Drain by Tamer TamarCommunity Rediscovered – The Stockport Collection by Heidi AlexanderMemories of War: A Grandmother’s Diary by Sabina DiethelmLight on the Shadow by Kelsey Sale.

It also includes interviews with photographers Ed Kashi and Jose Manuel Navia and texts by Kayla Green, Mei Seva, Julie Winokur, and Daniel Milnor