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Prints for Mississippi fundraiser, photograph by Rory Doyle

Prints For Mississippi

PRINTS for MISSISSIPPI Our first ever Prints For fundraiser was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in support of the Delta Health Center, a nonprofit organization

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Javier Corso

Interview with photographer and Oak Stories founder, Javier Corso

In this era of social networks and immediacy, a documentary work done with affection and patience, allowing the photographer to get to the bottom of the matter is not common so when you find it, it is appreciated. It is not without reason that Javier has labeled his agency ‘oak stories’: Like a good wine, stories taste better when you give them time and care.

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Muharram Kashmir by Avani Rai

Interview with Avani Rai

Rai. The surname will ring a bell, especially since just last week we made many references to it in our blog and have no doubt that you all read us religiously ;). For the few of you who don’t anxiously wait for Thursday to come along to be able to read our blog, last week we wrote an article about Raghu Rai, the Father of Indian Photography, and that’s the Rai we are referring to.

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Mississippi Delta Cowboys and Cowgirls project by Rory Doyle

Interview with Rory Doyle, 2018 EyeEm Award winner

We’re always on the lookout for talent. Photographers who stand out from the crowd and inspire us. Who give us a glimpse into the beauty of this world and the unknown. Who tell untold stories. However, with so much visual ‘noise’, we sometimes miss out on a lot of good stuff and that might have been the case with Rory Doyle, had he not emailed us one fine Friday morning.

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