Thomas Machowicz
Thomas Machowicz is a photographer and filmmaker focusing on animal rescue efforts and social issues. He is working on a long-term project, Sanctuary, which documents animals and the people who rescue them. This project has taken him all over the world, including the Russian war in Ukraine.


Thomas considers himself a conduit for stories meant to raise the consciousness of humanity and uses photography, film, lectures and workshops as tools to explore and share the human experience.

"Meditation is a part of my photographic process. It has been my experience that the deeper we go into ourselves, the more deeply we can experience the world and connect with others. That's photography to me."

Thomas' work has been published by BBC News, Reuters, Libération, Vox, The Arizona Republic, The Raw Society and We Animals Media among others. As a regular contributor to We Animals Media his work has been also featured in multiple animal rights campaigns.


He is also the owner and creative director of Songbird Productions and Animation Pop!.



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