Visual Storytelling Masterclass
June 16 - September 30

Our Visual Storytelling workshop proposes to transform the way photographers learn. Aiming to provide a more comprehensive instructional experience, students will study multiple photography genres, from Street Photography and Photojournalism to establishing Intimacy with Subjects and creating Conceptual imagery. There is also a writing portion, which will advise photographers on how to bring their project ideas to life with the written word.

This 12-week intensive, which meets once a week virtually, will teach students the foundations of telling a powerful story by creating visuals that stand alone as well as work together. Each student will work with each mentor for multiple weeks at a time, creating a photography project along the way that demonstrates the various techniques taught during the workshop. At the end of the instructional period, students will present their project to the panel of mentors and Raw Society founders.

One project will be chosen to be included in the 2nd edition of The Raw Society magazine, with a tentative release date of Winter 2023.

This workshop aims to challenge students to uplift their work with newfound creativity.

We hope to not only revolutionize the visual storytelling arena but also the way education is created in the future.


Interested applicants will need to submit a portfolio of 10-15 images and a 300-word text showcasing what they are presenting in the portfolio, and send it to us using either Google Drive or Dropbox. Any other format will not be considered.

To begin the application process, email with a link to your full application.

The application deadline is May 22.


May 2 - May 22


Friday & Saturday mornings (Eastern Standard Time) from June 16 - September 30



**Workshop cost can be paid in up to three installments.

*Members: 10% discount on the above prices. E-mail us before booking to get your discount code.


Conceptual Imagery with Cornel Watson

Establishing Intimacy with Subjects with Niki Boon

Photojournalism with Ed Kashi

Street Photography with Jorge Delgado-Ureña

Writing Stories with Kayla Green


Max 8 people


The first day with your mentor will include an in-depth presentation on the subject, followed by a second meeting with open office hours, where you'll be able to present your work-in-progress project and get constructive feedback. The last meeting with each mentor will be a presentation of your work so far, which will push you to identify strengths and weaknesses. 


Friday & Saturday mornings (Eastern Standard Time)**


**Exact workshop times will be determined after applicants are accepted, depending on the availability of students and mentors. 


Pre-workshop orientation (DATE TBD)

June 16 - Conceptual Imagery with Cornell Watson

June 23 - Conceptual Imagery with Cornell Watson

June 30 - Conceptual Imagery with Cornell Watson

July 7 - Writing Stories with Kayla Green

July 14 - Establishing Intimacy with Subjects with Niki Boon

July 15 - Writing Stories with Kayla Green

July 21 - Establishing Intimacy with Subjects with Niki Boon

July 28 - Establishing Intimacy with Subjects with Niki Boon

August 4 - Photojournalism with Ed Kashi

August 11 - Photojournalism with Ed Kashi

August 18 - Photojournalism with Ed Kashi

August 25 - Street Photography with Jorge Delgado-Ureña

September 1 - Street Photography with Jorge Delgado-Ureña

September 8 - Street Photography with Jorge Delgado-Ureña

September 11 - Writing Stories with Kayla Green

September 16 - Writing Stories with Kayla Green

Final Project Presentations (DATE TBD)

Ed Kashi by ©Tomas Van Houtryve_VII copy copy


Ed Kashi is a prolific photojournalist, filmmaker, speaker and educator who has been making images and telling stories for 40 years.  

Dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times, a sensitive and compassionate eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his intense and unsparing work.

Along with numerous awards from POYi, UNICEF, World Press Photo, American Photography, and other institutions, Kashi’s images have been published and exhibited worldwide, in addition
to generating eleven books. Kashi is also on the Catchlight Foundation Board of Directors.


Street Photography with Jorge Delgado-Ureña

Renowned Spanish photographer, resident mentor and co-founder of The Raw Society, Jorge Delgado-Ureña has taught dozens of photography workshops all over the world.
Jorge has over 15 years of experience in photography and an innate ability for teaching. He’s been published in several local and international magazines, including National Geographic, Ijsberg Magazine, La Vanguardia, Publico, Fisheye Magazine to name a few. His photographs have also been exhibited in El Colegio de Periodistas and Lomography Embassy in Barcelona, Lensculture Berlin 2017, The Independent Photographer Berlin 2018 and he is currently working on the publication of two books of his photography from Cuba and Morocco. Jorge will help guide students on creating complex layered compositions, toning and processing your images, and telling a story through your photography.

Morocco Workshop
street market, nepal

Creating Conceptual Imagery with Cornell Watson

Cornell Watson is a Dope-Ass Black photographer based in Durham, North Carolina.  He frequently contributes photography to national publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Bloomberg. He has also photographed national ad campaigns for companies such as T-Mobile, MeUndies, Bombas, and Adidas. His photography centers Black stories and has been featured in museums such as The Mint Museum, Nasher Museum of Art, and most recently at the National Civil Rights Museum with a solo exhibition titled “Tarred Healing”. When he’s not watching the 1000th episode of CoComelon, being the best spouse in the world, changing his baby diaper blowouts in men’s bathrooms without changing stations, or editing photos while his four-year-old daughter edits the furniture with non-washable crayons, you can find him passed out from exhaustion on the living room couch.

Establishing Intimacy with your Subjects with Niki Boon

Niki Boon is an international photographer, teacher, and lecturer based in New Zealand. She is represented by Obscura Gallery, Sante Fe, but feels her biggest achievements are making photos families want on their walls, fridges, and bathroom mirrors.

Her family has been the focus of her personal work, making raw, honest, gritty pictures of their unschooling days in rural South Island. 

Niki’s work has been published in various photography publications including Petapixel, 121 clicks , DIY Photography, Fraction magazine, National geographic and more.


Writing Stories with Kayla Green

Kayla Green has worked in the trenches of local journalism for 14 years. Starting as a reporter, she has worked her way up to her current role as executive editor. She is part of a three-person leadership team that has turned failing family-owned newspapers into profitable business models through advertising and newsroom makeovers, transforming traditionally print-only outlets into full-fledged multimedia companies. She currently helps run two properties, The Sumter Item in Sumter, South Carolina, and Gulf Coast Media, in Baldwin County, Alabama, that publish a total of five newspapers nine times a week.

She has been awarded on the state and national level for her writing and newsroom leadership, including Editor & Publisher’s 25 Under 35 Next Gen of News Professionals and reporting on topics ranging from art and entertainment to heroin addiction and child trafficking. A writer at heart, she finds fulfillment in working with new journalists to hone their writing and reporting skills, helping them identify their strengths and use them to be the best versions of their individuality.


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