Working Past Retirement: An upward trend in America

Ed Kashi

By the year 2030, the number of older workers aged 55 to 64 is expected to grow to account for one-fourth of the global labor force. One study predicts that 150 million jobs will shift to workers over the age of 55.

Japan is already leading the way, with 40 percent of its workforce over the age of 55. In the U.S., 41 percent of Americans expect to work beyond the age of 65. While in France, it’s the opposite – workers recently took to the streets to protest raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

All kinds of factors contribute to whether people choose to retire or to keep working – economic need, cultural norms, lifestyles and more.

For this story, I plan to find someone in my general area of New York or New Jersey who is 65 years old or older and is planning to still work. I plan to identify and confirm my collaborator by the middle of January, at the latest, and complete my work by March of 2024.

This story is part of the 1 in 6 by 2030 project.